Sunday, October 29, 2006

Le Denouement Wins!

This was a good weekend. We headed out of town Thursday afternoon and spent the weekend hanging out with friends and having a genuinely good time. It was a jam-packed weekend that really underlines how little time there is in a day when you try fit everyone in. For those we didn't get a chance to see, we'll be back down next weekend for Mandy's big 30th party, and we're looking really forward to catching up with everyone.

The big rush of the weekend came Friday when we all attended the 7th 24 Hour Film Festival. The top ten films (out of 21 entries) were selected and shown in the enormous theater 1 at Studio 28. For anyone who doesn't know, Theater 1 is the large house in the state of Michigan, seating over 800 people. It's also acts as a kind of Mecca for film geeks (specifically sci-fi geeks). It draws people for all over the state for opening night screenings of films. I've seen more movies in this theater than I can remember, dating back to my earliest movie-going childhood memories. I love this theater.

When you submit a film for the competition, the acadeny doesn't tell anyone whether their film made it to the top ten cut. You have to go to the theater and see if yours was selected. The films are shown in random order, with judges comments between each piece. Until your film shows, you sit in anxious anticipation, hoping the next piece to play is yours.

Ours was shown last. Oh man. When they started screen 8 and 9, I figured we were doomed. Then, after the title card "Film 10" faded out and I saw Mr. Croissant's name appear, I felt such a rush of elation. Everyone cheered and the whole of Theater sat in rapt silence as Jean-Baptiste's brilliance unfolded before us. They even showed me and my friend's little documentary about the film afterward - it was totally gratifying.

So, it was a blast to see something I helped create appear on the enormous screen. It something else altogether to win an award and be asked by my peers to stand before the mighty screen and say a few things on everyone's behalf. It was a very surreal / wonderful moment.

Sadly, director Jean-Baptiste Croissant wouldn't attend the screening, saying something about film festivals being too "Bourgeois." I accepted the award on his behalf, and if things go well, I should be able to reach him at autumn residence in Quebec, Canada. Ah, I love Skype and how it allows me to make free calls. I'll try to record the call and post it. It's one thing thing to see his films, it's another thing altogether to hear the genius speak.

I've included the video at the bottom of the post. It doesn't really do Mr. Baptiste's film justice to see it YouTubeized - but you should get the gist.

Le Denouement



Nyssa said...

Yay! That was hilarious. Can I post it on my blog?

Matt said...

Yeah! Spread the beauty, the passion, and the love that is... Le Denoument!

sis said...

and i could hear the dramatic music ring out just after that word is said. Bueno!

very proud....

Crash said...

A "must see" film !

Le Denouement....says it all

Chad Kremer said...

Le Denouement!!!

Man, it's sad this is our last one... we were just starting to gel in 24 hour productions.

Matt said...

It was good. We came, we saw, we conquered.

But think of those skills attacking a 48-hour festival? Like this one!

This is an informal call-out to any willing participants in next year's 48-hour festival.

AKlein said...

If you haven't already, contact the Brawny Lads here. Cool buncha folks.

Matt said...

Yeah, I remember you showing me some of their stuff before. It was really funny, if I remember correctly. And incorporating the tiny person into the logo? Genius. You used to work with some of them, right?

AdamK said...

The two people I worked with are Russ Lamkin and Marcus Adams. Marcus and I still go to lunch or the movies from time to time, but I haven't seen Russ for a long time. Marcus is a good person to see films with. He knows and loves films.