Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wrapping up the day....

Working interview went well this morning. I hope I get the job! I really don't know how to read it so I guess this is on hold until next time.

Enid is going out with me on a run tomorrow morning...she just doesn't know it yet! She is doing well on a leash and she seems to enjoy the runs so far.

Took Nikki (and Enid) for a short walk tonight. She was bouncing her back end a little on the way back but seems to be resting well right now.

Matt and I started the Insanity workouts on Sunday. We did the first workout on Monday, but decided to rest it out today as his body is quite sore. We will pick it up tomorrow! I will post pics as we progress on down the program.

Still trying to make new friends....we are branching out to meetup groups. We are for sure going to a meetup in a couple of Saturdays for appetizers, wine, and discussions on what to do the next couple of months. I am also going to pick up a book for a book club meetup and we might check out a couple of the hiking meetups! I am so excited to do new things and meet new people! It is way past due since we totally got dissed when we were back in Michigan this last time. I told so many people that we were coming into town and it looks like Mandy Boes and Dan Walsh are the only friends who cared to hang out with us outside of our parent's annual 4th of July party. I was kind of expecting it, but it still hurt. This gives me more fuel to find friends in Denver!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

My interview went well this morning. I now have a working interview scheduled for Tuesday and 8am. I hope that goes well and they offer me a position....and real soon!

I also applied for a position at Denver Dumb Friends League. Again, this is a part-time position, but at this point I will take whatever I can get. I want to get started working with animals and learning new techniques. Making some money is also an incentive!

We are off to bowling tonight with a few friends. I suspect it will be a great time! Tomorrow we are setting up to brew a new batch of beer - an Oberon look-a-like...we will see how that goes. Sunday is our big night at the Hi-Dive. There our eyes will partake in all sort of debauchery acts...or so we have been told. Super Happy Funtime Burlesque show hits Denver......a review (of sorts) to come later.

Let the fun begin....Cheers!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's been a long time....

I haven't posted in a long, long time and thought today would be good to start again. Since I wrote last I have done a lot including:
  • A great internship at Alameda East where I learned a ton and met some great people.
  • Graduated from Bel-rea Institute of Animal Technology on June 7, 2010
  • Returned to Michigan for a month long excursion....restful and relaxing!
  • Passed my VTNE on July 24, 2010! Yay, I'm a Certified Veterinary Technician
Now I am on the search to find my first Vet tech job. I am excited as I have an interview tomorrow! I will update after I get back home.

Tiny Enid is no longer that tiny. I took her to the Vet last week and she is 47lbs and in great health. She may become my running dog. I took her out on a little run yesterday and she did great and appeared to enjoy it....we'll see!

Nikki is doing well. She has had a few seizures in the past couple of weeks, luckily they have only been small ones. I will need to take her into the Vet soon to see about her incontinence and back pain.

Ocyrus and Athena are doing great! They are coming up on 10yrs in September.

Matt has been here the past couple of weeks and I have really enjoyed him being around. I know that in the near future he will be on the road again, but I'm cherishing the time I have with him while I can!

More to come...and a lot sooner than the last time!