Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pointless Product #3

It's number 3, I think. Here's what Homer has to say about it. This one is lifted straight off of BoingBoing (which, in turn, was linked from the Modern Mechanix blog), but it was so damn funny I had to put something up about it.

(February 1939 - The 2nd funniest thing is the writing of maybe as "may be" I love it!)

There are two scenarios I see here. In one, you are a squinty punk who pulls the trip on a fire alarm that ensnares you until a cop twirling a baton and sporting an Irish accent approaches saying, "Toy! Toy! What's all this then?" In the other, the same cop enters the burnt ruins of a building, twirling a baton, only to find a charred corpse dangling from the fire alarm, "Toy! Toy!" He says, "What's all this then?" Can't see much of a difference.

If there's a chance that a device can be used for something wrong, then a few people wrongly trapped isn't such a small price to pay. It's amazing that this logic still persists in most consumer electronics today.

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