Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"The world certainly is full of things." -King of All Cosmos

I have a profound love for Japanese pop-culture craziness. One of the most beloved sites I have ever happened across is The image below is just one of many, many examples of hilarity.

(There is indeed)


Mandy said...

I love balloons with dogs attached!! What a great concept! Maybe a new idea for Don Hertzfeldt?!?!?

-sis said...

a toast with Guinness in hand, reading Enrish...thank you for the is much blizzard with Bob toes on pleasure of twinkling fish. aka, it is a blizzard outside, Bob is nibbling on my toes and the kids are asleep and we are drunk!

Matt said...

Yeah, Engrish is one the best sites for a quick laugh because it constantly updated and the gibberish is always arranged in such interesting ways. Keep it real in the frigid North.