Monday, July 23, 2007

Not humid.....but still hot!

Before moving to Denver, I did research on what elevation does to most people, so I would be prepared if I came across symptoms that I was having. Although both Matt and I went through an intestinal yucky and slight headache period, I was not ready for the biggest change in my environment. I was so focused on the elevation that I totally skipped over the semi-arid part of the description of Denver found here. If you are from the mid-West and are used to high humidity keep this in mind in visiting or moving to a semi-arid's dry. Now that may seem pretty obvious, but not for me.

Many of you know that my nose has been broken many times during high school sports. I had nose surgery a few years ago to fix the septum (or nose separation) in order to help me breathe - which it did wonders. I hardly had any problems and I could tell a distinct difference in how much I had to breathe. After being here a couple of days I found that not only does it take more effort to breathe, but it is so dry which dries out your sinuses - I keep saline spray close at hand.

Just over a year ago I had lasik surgery for my eyes. During the prep period, they check how dry your eyes are: 20-15 normal, 15-10 dry....both my eyes were a 5. I carry around eye drops in my purse, have some in the bathroom, and when it's not too hot or cold have some in the car. I have never had my eyes feel so dry and painful as I have after being here for 2 days.

I am not telling you to deter you, but more to give advice to take the necessary precautions. This seems like a great city in which we have been finding new and exciting things to do all of the time. We look forward to exploring and enjoying many more things in the coming weeks, months, and years and updating everyone when we do!

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I hear that eating tofu might help............