Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sailing in Maine - Photo Collection Online

After much delay, Mandy and I have finally gotten around to sorting the pictures from our sailing trip in Maine. We've uploaded them to our Flickr stream and have made them available at the links below. These images are released under a creative commons license, so you may do what you wish with the images, so long as you credit us and don't sell them without asking either of us.


The main photo collection can be found here: Main Collection
Sailing and boating photos can be found here: Sailing
Pictures of people can be found here: People
Images of landscapes we traversed can be found here: Landscapes
And images that don't really fit into a particular category can be found here: Miscellaneous



Crash said...

The pictures are GREAT !

They are wicked crisp & clear. Must have taken them with a Kodak Instamatic. (Model 104?)

Anonymous said...

Great Eye Ladies and Gents... I continue to use many of your shots for my wallpaper on my Mac Pro. Its great, with my two monitors I have a beauty shot from you, and this killer Britney Spears image of her all scantily-clad like on the other...

I love technology.

keep up the good image taking.