Monday, February 04, 2008

Sunday dinner...

The last few weeks Matt has been traveling Monday - Thursday, which allows him to be home the entire weekend. We decided at the beginning of January to have Sunday where we could both help make dinner together. This allows us to spend time together as well as have something to look forward to the week as we are apart. It has been going fabulously! (The only difference of yesterday is that he doesn't have to leave this week)

This week we created a new chicken roulade sauce involving: tomatoes with green chilies, a little mayo, ginger and garlic paste, and a smidge of soy. We filled the chicken with green onions, mushrooms, and green peppers. Matt made spatzles (or wormels - ask him if you have questions) and I made crowned cauliflower.


Nothing tops off a great dinner than watching a bit of MythBusters. Although a very relaxing weekend it looks like they are a bit tired, huh?


the cat fattener said...

Sounds wonderful..... if I had known that, I would have come out there.

the cat fattener said...

Fat Tuesday

like the picture.... it enlarges nice

again, it looks very yummy. Picture 2 looks like they are very contented.One, down and out, the other, almost there.
Cook on...........

Alvin said...

What are wormels?
Baby worms?
Or, are they like mormels?
Whatever, looks like dinner was enjoyed by all!
I think Nikki has made herself at home!

Matt said...

"Wormles" is the name my Grandmother gave to spatzles (German fried noodles) so that we kids would eat them.

Small Boys: "Noodles? Yuck!"
Grandma: "No, they're worms."
Small Boys: "Worms! Awesome!"


Alvin said...

Now I understand. Had a little boy at church that wouldn't eat his spaghetti until I told him they were worms. Ate it all!
Little kids are so gullible!

Will you make us some when we come to visit?