Friday, April 25, 2008

Surgery, Travel, and Bacon

Just got my kneecap scraped by a steady-handed surgeon here in Denver. This was done to correct issues lingering from my heroic knee-injury of nearly ten years past. I was put under general anesthetic (totally knocked out) then scraped, and awoken with a video of the procedure in hand. I have included that video below for those of you who want to see a shredded knee from the inside, and how it is shaved and cleaned up. I think it's pretty cool.


I recieved a present for my impending birthday last night: four pounds of Father's Bacon. Father's Bacon! Father's is the Roles Royce of the bacon underground. It's cured so perfectly, that no refridgeration is needed. It is considered by many the greatest bacon made. I have a long-standing discussion with Mandy's dad about my love for bacon and how I really want to smoke my own this summer (I have already bought the smoker), and how I should buy him a bacon-of-the-month subscription. It seems he and Sue beat me to the punch with this delivery. So, tomorrow, to celebrate my birthday, I will stay laid up on the couch and eat me some bacon.

(I call this "Knee Injury with Bacon, Cookies, Pain Medication, and Dog")

We are still planning to be back in Grand Rapids over the weekend of the 10th of May for the River Bank Run. Depending on how that knee heals and becomes stable, I am planning to do the walk. The Torpedo Monkey t-shirts have already arrived at Mandy's parent's house and are ready to be picked up. We'll be sending more out about what we're planning to do before and after the room, so keep checking the Torpedo Monkey blog for more info.

Too much Torpedo Monkey!


the cat fattener said...

Was that video really YOUR knee? Or, was it a stunt double filling in?

Hope you recovery is rapid and with little pain.
Enjoy your bacon and share some with Nikky. Wish I were there.....

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,

Glad to see you finally had your knee taken care of. I don't know about you but I think Nikki is just waiting for the pain killers to really kick in so that she can decide for herself first hand if this is the "king" of bacon! And cookies for desert? What could be better.

I'm sorry I missed your birthday. This weekend is the big move at work and the office was closed Friday. Calendar reminders only work if you are there to see them!

Anyway, Happy Birthday!!!!!! It sounds like you are enjoying your work and living in Denver.

Take care.

Judy Bosse

Alvin said...

Bacon....reminds me of the TV commercial where the woman has the new sandwich in her purse that has bacon on it, so she can attract men at the bar! Worked for her!
I think that's how Sue caught Casey too! Hope it helps you get better so you can run to, I mean, in Grand Rapids.

Hope you have a great birthday and
many, many more!

sis & co said...

it is truly amazing that something that looks so soft and billow-y is actually the cause of your lingering hero knee pain. Pretty amazing video, I am so glad you got a copy. Hope you had a great bday...I don't think I can top Father Bacon. Maybe Ada beef...but that we could do while you are here! ;-)

Anonymous said...

you know, i think the really big news here is not that you had surgery, or got super bacon...the real story is that you woke up from surgery missing your right hand! (look at the picture) you were just distracted by the bacon and didn't notice...