Friday, November 14, 2008

Body Builders - Body Modification: Here it Comes!

(Holy God Almighty: Click her muscles for an image gallery of these beauties)

Can anyone make a good argument for how this isn't the most extreme form of body modification? In my humble opinion, Tatoos and branding don't even come close to this.

On the other hand, being an adherent to the principles and doctrine of the transhumanist movement (if you could call it that) I openly welcome extreme body modification. It's not like the ability to remake yourself in increasingly bizarre and Kafkaesque ways will get more difficult with time. So, it's not really a matter of being able to stop it, it's more a matter of being a happy or unhappy person when it arrives and others want to do it.

We don't all live in a vacuum, remember? Most people don't think exactly like you because, well, they're not you.

(The future US President: c. 2050)

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Angie said...

The comment box to make this comment could not load fast enough- i moved the box to cover the image. with both of these lovely pictures burned in my brain, I have plenty to choose from for tonight's nightmare. YIPE