Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh it's been too long...

I thought I would throw some thoughts up here since it's been a very long time since either of us has posted anything. I am currently working through my 3rd quarter at Bel-rea on my journey to become a Vet Tech. I am taking 20 credit hours which include Anatomy and Physiology 2, Sterile Techniques, Veterinary Science 2, and Parasitology. As if that was not enough to take up my time I have begun searching for a part-time job. More updates to come on this...

Nikki is doing pretty good. I am taking her into the Vet on Friday to run some radio graphs, get a cyst removed, get her a microchip, and have her teeth more closely examined. More updates to come after the appointment.

The cats are doing fabulous. I began schedule feeding them in late January/early February and both have lost weight! Ocyrus is always going to be "fat guy", she just is a little less fat. Athena on the other hand now looks like a normal cat with a waist and everything.

We moved in our new house about a month ago. Yes, we bought a house! My mom came out a week ago to help arrange and such. It is now starting to feel like ours and it wouldn't have been so if it wasn't for her help!

Matt is off carrousing the world - San Francisco, LA, Texas, NY, and possible South America soon! More on this to come also.

All in all, everything is well and busy.

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Matt said...

Thanks for finally posting something! I know I have been lax in posting. It's been almost two months since I put something up.

Good post!