Monday, August 13, 2012

Boo to me not keeping up my posts! Anyhow...

I just received the following email.....looks like I'm rich!!!!

Hello My Dear Friend, How are you today and your family? I hope all is good, kindly pay Attention and understand my aim of communicating you today through this Letter, my name is Makram Muhamed I am a rebel Military Local Army here in Libya, please I need your help in keeping and securing my trunk box I discovered here in the time of killing of President Muamor Gaddafi. The trunk box contain cash that is amounted to ($27.9m dollars), please contact me for security reason and for more information If you are ready to help me I appeal passionately to you not to discuss this transaction with a third party even if you will not assist me because any leakage of this information will be too bad for me.  I hope you understand me very well. 

Your Friend 
Makram Muhamed

Seems legit since he asked about how my family was, the $ is in a trunk box, and he signed it as "your friend." 

How much more proof do I need?


Dean said...

So are you going to scambait him?

It's so depressing that people fall for these kinds of things.

Matt said...

Oh, Zoidberg. You have become a crafty consumer!