Monday, October 31, 2005

Can you taste the waste?

It is amazing the amount of waste cats produce. Cats are small, relatively speaking, and they have teeny, tiny heads. Their gobs can only allow for so much food to enter, and when it does, it is usually hair (very small), cat food (really small), and rubber bands (size varies). I've never witnessed my cats eating a steak or a pizza, so I can't account for how much waster (read as poo) cats can generate in their fury furnaces.

Our two cats, Ocyrus and Athena, generate an inordinatly large amount of waste on fairly regular basis. Mandy and myself find ourselves spending a small fraction of our lives hunched over the cat box, rancid litter dust filling our eyes, cleaning. This isn't really that big of a deal. Cats poo, and that's that.

However, some people have taken the time to train their cats to make use of toilets, thereby freeing up the 2 minutes their owners would've spent cleaning up litter boxes, to spend on an activity of their own choosing. What a world.

See the following links to learn how you too can train your cat to poo like you:

City Kity

I guess my interest in this is, how much time is a person really saving by taking the 6-10 weeks (on average) it takes to train your cat to make use of human facilities? There's also the deeper, more metaphorical questions inherent in training a cat to perform this way. Something about having to wait for my cats to finish up their business seems so... Unholy. Would you feel embarrassed if you walked in your cat while he or she did their deed? Would male cats leave the toilet seat up?

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