Monday, October 31, 2005

Matt, my love..

Although my birthday is in a few days, it is not nearly as momentous as tomorrow. November 1st marks the 5 year mark when Matt and I started dating. Although, we got married in June, we decided that we are going to celebrate this "milestone" also. I was thinking about buying him a planet....but I decided a post on my blog, telling everyone why I love him so much, would suffice (for at least the 'little' present).

The journey with Matt has been a wonderful and I enjoy and look forward to each day that we are together. I have known for a long time that there is no one else that I want to share my life with. From the beginning he has shown that he is a true friend. I have had some rocky times the past few years and he has proven time and time again that he will stay by me and love me unconditionally.

When I am in the depths of despair, he finds me and makes me laugh like no other could. I ran in a couple of races this year and although it was early in the morning (and he is not a morning person) and it was downpouring, he came to cheer me on to let me know that he is my biggest supporter. He is so creative and talented! I am so proud to be his wife. Whenever he creates a new film or picture, or when he gets all A's in school (!) I show it to all of my friends and let them know how proud I am of him.

He is sensitive, kind, patient, trustworthy, generous, loving, caring, and committed. He has a great laugh, sense of humor, and strong arms to hold me. He is my confidant, my best-friend, and my lover.

He is more than I ever hoped for in a partner (in crime). He is my absolute compliment for life.

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Anonymous said...

Are you talking Matt Fox, the man you live with? Or that hunk on Lost? He is the dreamiest dream . . . I love him too.