Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Starting a club

Matt and I have been tossing ideas back and forth about starting a club. Seeing that we are friends with people that have lots of different tastes, opinions, and ideas it is kind of hard to pinpoint where to begin. Here are the ideas in no particular order...

Dinner club: getting a group or couple of people together each month or twice a month to try and review different restaurants in town. This would be fun and come to think of it Matt and I could probably get away with doing this along side one of the other clubs.

Cooking club: kind of like the dinner club. There would be a set idea or country and then each person involved would be instructed on what course they would need to make (appetizer, entree, dessert, etc.). This would be a fun way to have a planned potluck. The only challenge I see is that many of our friends don't cook that often :(

Book club: getting a group of people together each month with the objective of having read and being able to review a book. This could be a challenge with many of our friends not having a ton of time to read, but it might work.

Debate-ish club: getting a group of people and discussing world view, philosophy, environmental issues, how to toss a midget correctly and get the most distance, etc. This would be fun and easy because we do this with a lot of our friends now. The challenging part would be to make sure that there are differing opinions represented.

Crocheting club: ok, I know I'm pushing it. I don't think any of my friends would be interested in this.
Computer Gaming club: This would be for Matt, although I have been known to frag some peeps on Battlefield 1942. Basically, this would be a scheduled LAN party.

Gaming club: This would be for people that are not as into computer games. A group of people get together and play board, trivia, and other games.

I know there are more clubs that we have discussed, but these are the ones that come to mind. We should be making up our minds soon, and when we do I will post what we have decided.

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Matt said...

I like the idea (obviously). I think it would be best to get people's feedback on which ideas appeal to them the most. Also, the clubs that require lots of prep may be disadventagous, given that people tend to not have a lot of free time. The LAN parties require lots of time to break down a computer, transport, reassemble, get the $#*%*$ network up and running, make sure everyone has patches, etc, etc. The cooking and debate-ish club could work, and the board gaming is really easy.