Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In loving memory of James Pratt

Quixtar is where the adventures with James began. I would sit and watch him because he was so young when he started, but most times his maturity level would be level or above his peers. He intrigued me from the start with his accent, ability to baffle managers with his level of speech and writing, and his interesting clothes. He would get constintly harrassed for being from a British background, which inevitably meant he lived in a pete bog. Our pet name for him was the Limey, which he wore even after he left Quixtar.

There were many times when a manager or supervisor would have him type up reports and letters, not because they were giving him menial work, but because they knew that he could make the documents sound so much better with the words that he used.

James had many acquainences, but I think he liked to present himself like a porcupine. He would be cordial to most everyone, but never let many people get very close. Luckily, he allowed me in for a few years. Our deepest talks never involved philosophical or political questions; we only talked about what mattered to both of us: our friends and families. Although he told me of some of the arguments that he had with his mom, dad, and brother, he always would end it with "You know I love them, right?"

I spoke with him shortly in September, but have not seen him in a long time. Yesterday, I came home and my husband told me that he had died on Friday night suddenly. I was, and still am, dumbfounded. My mind kept telling me there was some mistake. How can a 24 year old man with so much potential and love of life die?

Then the guilt set in, which will take awhile to get over, I am sure. How come I didn't try harder to get a hold of him? We could have found him and invited him to our wedding - we know he would come if he was physically able to. This is so not fair!!

I am not sure how I am going to survive going to the visitation and funeral today. I hope that in some way it allows me to find the peace that he needs to rest in my head.

James Pratt I will miss you so much. Goodbye Limey!!

James Pratt


Matt said...

One of my favorite Pratt/Mandy exchanges while taking our daily constitutional around Quixtar:

Pratt: I wish I had meat wheels.
Mandy: Why meat wheels?
Pratt: Because metal wheels wouldn't do much good on meat body, would they?
Mandy: No, I guess not...

Matt said...

Another favorite story involving Pratt is how he'd leave pie on my desk at work. He would head off to get lunch at Forest Hills food and buy these small 6 inch pies. He would then leave the pies on my desk when I wasn't looking with little reading things like, "6 inch peach pie, bitch." or "APPLE COBBLER ASSHOLE!"

I'd laugh and eat the pie. I could never really tell what the gesture was intended to mean, but the pies were good and the notes were funny.

Anonymous said...

I miss the times when Pratt would call me an Asshat or tell me to "eat a bag of dicks". A generally nice guy in his own way.

- The Kleiner

Amanda Wong said...

This picture of him is so James Pratt. He will always be the love of my life with memories forever cherished. Eatabagofdicks.com


Anonymous said...

I miss him so much I spend hours thinking of him. Reading your comments make me laugh so hard. He was a funny bastard. I remember when I was just starting college I was talking to him on the phone and I heard mom yell at him in the background. I think mom was nagging him about our phone bill. James instantly responded by telling mom to 'suck on these nuts'. I nearly died of laughter. But james did not say it in a mean way, so mom was not mad. So many nights james listened to moms problems and was always there for her. He was funny but he was also so sweet. I learned a lot from my younger brother. I Love you James

Tansy-Kraftwerk said...

I remember helping him use all of his mom's tin-foil to tinfoil his bedroom. and we tin-foiled everything...when we were done was happy for a second. Then I told him it was like he lived in a baked potato. He moved into his brothers room after that.

I will never forget nor ever stop loving James.