Wednesday, May 17, 2006

SOUTH - Day 1

Welp, we made it as far as Louisville, KY. The drive took far less time than google maps predicted, so we're sitting in the hotel lounge enjoying a couple local microbrews. Just outside of our hotel room's window, we can see the local convention center and Six Flags (which Mandy will not let me go to... because we are going to the Six Flags in Atlanta, so it's a compromise). The theme of the convention is Suckers and Plungers or something. The sign was hilarious, needless to say. The convention going on at the actual hotel is a group of people who do the legal management for gangs within the prison system. We came across a table displaying ads for various software solutions for how to schedule prisoner transport and other prisoner services. Very interesting stuff.

We'll be heading out of here early tomorrow to make the rest of the way to Atlanta where, undoubtedly, more crazy conventions will be happening.



Chad Kremer said...

Sweet update. Drink a Guiness for me and post a picture. Then my life will be complete.

Keep the updates a'commin

Matt said...

We've just gotten into a network in some stop outside of Nashville to check our directions. We'll make an update when we get to Atlanata. The weather is so friggen beautiful down here. Lovin' it. Thanks for the comment! I'll drink a Guiness tonight.