Sunday, July 30, 2006

Leaving For GR

(Don't know why this went into draft instead of publish yesterday... unless I accidentaly hit 'Draft' instead of 'Publish')

Our short trip back was successful. We finished up with the apartment, went to see Phoenix which was a fun, albeit short concert, and had breakfast Sunday morning. Since we were not allowed to bring in recording devices of any kind, I don't have any pics to share. We're planning to leave here about noon and hopefully be back in Cin City about 5-6. I may post more when I arrive, but probably not.

Thanks for all the positive feedback about the blog. Many people I talked to this weekend mentioned having read it to see what's going on with Mandy and I. If you're a lurker (a person who just reads) consider posting a comment or two. It's free and you don't even have to register.


AdamK said...

I still don't understand why you picked Cincinnati. I thought that knowing I lived here would be enough of a deterrent.

Chad Kremer said...

Phoenix was a sweet ass time. You and Mandy and PBR, what a combo. I'm glad you made it back for a few. It made me realize that you guys are actually gone, sucks hardcore now that it has finally sunk in.

But good luck in the continuing adjustment period.

Matt said...

Wow. That was odd. When I went to check the blog, it said that this entry was listed in draft mode, but somehow you two added comments to it. Strange.