Monday, July 24, 2006

Tearful goodbyes...

This entire moving process has been all a blur. I can hardly believe we, and all of our stuff, is in our new apartment. The journey would not have been possible if not for my Grandpa Dudas, my mom and dad, and my uncle John and his girlfriend Suzanne. The rest of my family have also been supportive in shoving us out of Grand Rapids with a farewell party last Friday. Being breakfast people, Matt and I have fallen in love with Waffle Houses.

Today Matt and I went to breakfast with my mom and dad. The food was good, but the time was bittersweet. We would be driving back to our new apartment, and my parents would be riding back to good 'ole GR. I found myself to be quite overwhelmed, so there were no tears coming from my eyes (at this time). I do feel that my heart aches already in missing my friends and family, but my mind is set to jump into this new adventure whole heartedly. I look forward to the new adventures to come!


AdamK said...

I know that Waffle House off of Rt 4. Everytime I go there it's too full, so we go to IHOP instead.

Chad Kremer said...

Hey, whose that hot babe between you're parents! I need to get her digits.

So you guys going to post an address so I can send some dirty . . . err . . . I mean tasteful images of myself. Also I am requesting a top ten differences list between Cincinnati & Grand Rapids.

Keep up the blogging, and I'll keep up the reading folks. GR is weeping for its lost testers . . . as am I.

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