Saturday, February 03, 2007

Um... wtf?

After some research, I found out this clip is from a Werner Herzog film which sort of breaks my heart. I was totally convinced it came straight from hell.

Herzog is a famous, and amazingly talented, filmmaker who specializes in documentaries. I found the clip on the amazing video filter site When I started watching it I was initially confused. The confusion quickly gave way to an intense feeling of anxiety which just as quickly became laughter. As many a constant reader has commented on how I find something about tiny people very, uh, alluring. I post this clip, however, not because it contains a tiny German midget laughing at a camel doing situps, but because the scene is so bizarre, so totally absurd it has to been to seen to be believed.

Here it is: The strangest clip I've ever found on the internet. You have to play it through to the end to hear the midget nearly die from laughing so hard.

The funniest comment I've seen about this was from videosift when someone wrote, "Does this mean I'm going to die in seven days after seeing this?"


-sis said...

kinda reminds me of that really biazzare movie we watched as kids...Leprechaun. Ya' know...the ivy, the person eating couch and the evil tinkle of his eye. them there were da' dayz

Chad said...

what film is this from?

Its Herzog, not Hertzog btw...

Best documentary filmmaker I know of. Seen four of his documentary films, all amazing.

Grizzly Man is by far the best though.

His other non documentary films are amazing too. Long, but crazy good.

Matt said...

The film is "Even Dwarfs Started Small" by Mr. Herzog. If you follow this link to YouTube, there are a few more clips including "Midget challenging a tree in German."

PS I updated the master's name in the post.