Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Insane Coincidence

So, Dolemite was inspired by Lowell Mason (the delightfully tiny man from the .... post) to go scouring the interweb for more info. He happened across this: The Lowell Mason homepage. It's worth a click. It's also interesting to note that Mr. Mason was recently in Grand Rapids doing some singin' (for God and country, I would assume).

It also turns out that Mr. Mason had himself a son. Like Mr. Mason, his son, Duke, is also a person of small stature. He sings and heads up a band, just like dad. In fact, here are a couple pictures of him posing with Nicolas Cage and Don Knotts at what looks like a kareoke party.

(Duke and Nic)

(Duke and Knotts)

Pictures like these are one of the reasons I love / fear the future. I'm not sure, but these could be the two strangest pictures I've found on the internet. Not because he's a tiny man (people are all sizes, and small or large, I think they're all equally funny) but that, only after tiny bit of searching for more detail about a random midget-singing album cover, I can come up with pictures of his son with Don Knotts. It's a brave, new world we're heading into where I can wontonly gather information on random tiny people... often more info than most would deem healthy, but there you have it.

On quick side note, his bio has this to say about one of his performances, "In September of 1995, The New York Times Magazine said, 'Duke Mason rocked the house . . . ', and, 'I found myself genuinely moved by the way he (Duke) took the stage and transformed himself into a giant. '" There you have it. I wanted to include this bit of praise to demonstrate that while tiny people are characterized as shin-biting trolls, and are often the butt of many jokes (hey, some of them rent themselves out to be tossed at parties), they can, at will, turn themselves into giants. It is apparently a magic skill they all possess and according to this Times article, they may also be transformers like Optomis Prime.

In the spirit of random album covers that make LOL, I thought I'd add this one and see what kind of crazy info Dolomite drudges up:

(This is just Freddie Gage's way of saying, "All my friends are dead.")


dolemite said...

ask and you shall receive...this is actually a spoken word religious thingy. what is it with you guys and preachers anyway? 1st a little person and now this guy?!? anywho, if you're so inclined here's the video:


i could only stand about a minute of it.

see these for some more great album covers:




oh heck, just check out this site:


dolemite said...

sorry, one more...


i'm absolutely speechless...

sis & weather catz said...

this blog is like tv candy for the brain. it rots your teeth but u cannot get enough. as we settle in for a long fall's nap, we reach for the MAC to read a joyous entry. and we are never disappointed.

oh, yeah, maf wants to know if Freddy has any songs on Itunes? I am sure after da boyz get bored with the Lips...they will surely move on to Mr. Gage's lighthearted music. but who can compete with the Wiggles? Alas, not Crock-ie any more...a moment of silence if you will.

Optimus Prime? Oh, you are dating your self....(when does the much anticipated movie come out?)

"ya know...people go to bed at night, thinking everything is just fine and they wake up in the morning and THEY ARE ON FIRE!"