Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mad Crazy

There's a really good article on Wired about some new, sweet services that cropping up around the fringes of that oft used term "Web 2.0." It's really cool to see the strong collabrative power of the internet bringing more and more people, places, and things (read data) into one, huge, searchable monster. The data can say amazing things about people and their interests. Check out the article, it's really worth a read and a few clicks.

The Wired Article You Should Read

There's quite a bit going on on this end. Mandy and I have been working out more. She's still recovering from her first soccer game. I have an interview(ish) with a company just down the road that's looking for a full-time video producer, so I'm whipping together a reel. We're preparing for a trip to Cedar Point this weekend (pics and video will follow along with a better update). Last night I finished my Dark Tower trailer - When I find a place to host it, I'll post it. We've gotten our first cold-snap down (down to a chilling 55 at night).

That's about it. The blog's been sparse recently, but after this week of craziness, and next week's preparation for Chicago and the Waters concert, and the 24-Hour Film Festival, the screening, a Halloween party, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, I'm sure I'll have tons of time to post!

I kid! I kid, 'coz I love. I'm going to try to post everyday next week to get back in the groove. Keep it real, y'all!


Crash said...

Keep up the good work. Love how you get your information across. The updates are awesome

sis said...

missin yas. love the sexy specks on matt (British for Mork). it too is cooling off here. i love that Mandy is playing soccer! I can only imagine how sore the next few days were. keep the info and funky fresh stream of consciousness comin!