Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Point

Cedar Point ended up being a bust due to weather. Mandy and I left Friday afternoon and drove through to Sandusky. It rained a little on the way and kept up through the night. The next day, Cedar Point day, it continued to rain and be nasty through the morning. We decided early on that the looming thunderstorms would probably keep us from going to the park. We all didn't want to spend $40 and not be able to ride more than a couple rides. It ended up not thunderstorm, but we had a good time hanging out. We got some really good Hibachi and played a bunch of cranium. It was fun to hang out with Jess, Mike, Lyza, and Noah. We all caught up and had a fun, relaxing time.

This week is going to be busy with the preparation for the Roger Waters concert in Chicago. I'm excited about that one as I finally get to make amends for not going to see him when he was in Grand Rapids. I'll post some video of the concert if I can snag it on my powershot.

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Crash said...

"Crash" sez.....
Good thing we didn't have the bikes out last weekend.

Made up for it today.