Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Go speed racer, go!

This weekend, Mandy competed in her third River Bank Run 5K in Grand Rapids. She placed seven in her class and did a bang-up job. Despite being slightly injured she pulled off a respectable 10 minute per mile average. Angie also competed and did an amazing job. Congrats to all!

I can say I was little jealous to see everyone running and standing at the sidelines as I had the first year. I am going to run the Buck Creek Run in July, so keep an eye on the obituaries that week.

Here's a little video I shot of Angie and Mandy running past the turn just before the 2 mile mark. Sadly, I was only able to capture a few seconds for each person, so I padded the video with a little extra content to make it a watchable length. Even now, it's still pretty unwatchable. Please forgive me.

(Sad, sad little video camera.)


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. I especially enjoyed the pizza. The pizza made me want to run. I'm gonna go running now. I am inspired (by the strangest things sometimes).


liberalfoodie said...

the video- too funny! You should make a video of all the people running backwards. :)


-sis said...

ya know...i always wondered what I looked like while running. scary...that is my nightmare for tonight. ;-)
I want to run the Buck too. Just lov saying that Buck Creek Run....Buck creek...come on now, say it wit me...buck creek...