Thursday, May 24, 2007

String Theory Vote! DO IT! DO IT NOW!!!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I had been selected as a finalist for Discover Magazine's "String Theory in Two Minutes or Less." In addition to noted physicist Brian Greene selecting the winner, there is also a viewer's choice award. I was never alerted that this was happening, or even notified that the video had been made available until this afternoon when I received an email letting me know that voting is ending tomorrow at midnight. So, please go here and vote for an entry. Mine is called "Mass Through Strings," vote for it if you like it the best.

This voting has been going on for about a month, it seems, and I'm second from last (sigh). I have no idea why I wasn't even informed the voting was happening. Anger.

Go vote and tell your friends!

1 comment:

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Really good - I think yours is the best one, and it got my vote.