Sunday, September 30, 2007

On the ground

I have made it back from the United Kingdom. I'm still vaguely jet lagged, so I will wait a day or so to write something longer. I'm thinking a quick summary and a list of the most noticeable differences would make good reading. I'm going to be crazy-busy this next week working with some coworkers on the planetarium here, getting my paperwork sorted out, and meeting with some other people from the company later in the week.

Also, my grandma on my dad's side had a heart attack and a stroke this morning, and is in intensive care in Mt. Pleasant in stable condition. I'm doing a lot of phone juggling as I try to coordinate details from Canada, the UK, and Michigan. Alas, this is one of the major drawbacks of living so far away from family: I can't just drive an hour and a half to see her. It's an 18 hour, two day drive or two expensive round-trip tickets just to stop by. My feelings are more frustration than anything else right now. Frustration at not being able to do anything to help and frustration at not being able to be there to show my support.

The only light-hearted thing I have to report, the thing that makes me look forward to the future is that the new Radiohead album has finally been announced. It's called In Rainbows. Here's a link.


sis & co said...

She is doing pretty good. We are going up to visit Monday am. She most likely will be in ICU for a few days as they monitor her blood pressure, pulse and other stuffs. I will give ya a ring when we get thar. get some shut eye! send good know those are priceless.

Crash said...

Sue and I are praying for a miraculous recovery for your grandma.
You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, too for comfort and strength.

Anonymous said...

welcome home master fox...

sorry to hear about your grandma, hoping for a speedy recovery.