Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bootcamp pt 8

I almost skipped bootcamp today. I was so tired and the bed was so warm. Alas, I did not give in and got up. Here is what we did:

1 Mile (9min)
15 reps 2 times through
  • Squat to shoulder press on upside down Bosu ball
  • Rear foot on Bosu lunge w/bicep curl
  • Forward food on Bosu lunge w/lat raise
  • Bosu hip extensions
  • Upside down Bosu push up w/Brazilian crunch
  • Chest press on Bosu ball
  • Bosu knee dip crunches
  • Bent over row standing on Bosu ball
At the end we were supposed to "save time for a 10 min mile." I got on the treadmill and felt pretty good, so I decided to run at 9:13. At about 1/4 mile Tim came around and started increasing our incline- from 0 to 2. Although difficult, I felt that I could still handle it. It wasn't until he went from 2 to 4 that I felt that I was going to die (not in the literal sense of course). I moved the pace to 9:45 just to keep up. I did have to step off the treadmill for 10 seconds, but I got back on and finished. He waited almost another 1/4 mile before taking off all of the incline. Needless to say, I was really tired when it was all over.


Sue said...

what's a bosu ball?

Mandy said...

Check this link out for info on Bosu ball: