Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Looking for a babysitter? Don't call Lannie Lloyd!!

Check out the interesting tid-bit in the News of the Weird this week:
Lannie Lloyd Hendrickson, 24, was arrested in Bozeman, Mont., in December on charges that he aggressively bit two infants he was baby-sitting, ages 1 and 2, over their arms, shoulders and legs, because they would not fall asleep. According to police, Hendrickson said he could not recall how many times he bit each one, but did admit that he "bit the shit out of them."
He pleaded not guilty, but I don't think anyone would believe him after reading that quote!

1 comment:

Matt said...

Another tragic baby-biting incident. Tragic.

Austin Powers comes to mind. "Baby: The other, other white meat." And, of course, "Get in meh belly!"