Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ode to a hypocrit!

First, let me state that I do not have any problem, and in fact applaud people who are drawn to the ministry of their religion. On the other hand, an issue that I do have with people in the ministry is the hypocracy that sometimes prevalent, which brings me to the core of this posting.

There is an unnamed inidvidual (he will not put his name on his site) who states on his website that "the Lord sent me to preach the Gospel of the justice and retribution of our Lord Jesus Christ at a pornographic message board."

His idea seems straight-forward enough. Although his intentions seem good, further postings on his website seem to challenge his original goal. The verses given to help a person abstain from pornography and other sins of the flesh, are barely found within the lashings of a person who can't wait for all the sinners of the world to "spend eternity snap-crackle-popping in hell."

A few quotes from his postings:

  • "And so even though I will not be hopping up and down in anticipation of positive or worthwhile responses I would ask any True Christians who might be reading this to pray for these murderous sand-rodents that the Lord will either call them to repentance so that they might direct their efforts toward His will instead of the will of Allah who is also known as the demon Molech or take their lives immediately so that they will spend eternity snap-crackle-popping in hell with the rest of the Muslims and Catholics and homosexuals and child-molesters and liberal Democrats! Amen and have a happy hetero 9/11 anniversary!"
  • "A way to determine whether your girlfriend is a True Christian or a harlot in sheep's clothing: She reads from one of the new age Bible per verions like the New American Standard or the New International Version instead of the Authorized 1611 King James translation."
  • "Recently an uncomfortable amount of Romanists have been infesting my journal which is of course God's journal with their Vaticanistic propaganda and false teachings and even though I welcome readers of every faith and background including even agnostics and atheists I would like to caution those of you who might be new Christians to not be misled by their crafty polemic which if substituted for the Holy Bible and this journal will get you so burned in HELL that it won't even be funny but then again it never is. Amen."

I find that the best type of ministry is to follow what you are teaching/preaching in your everyday life. This seems like another obvious example of someone failing to read Matthew 7:1

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