Thursday, March 16, 2006

Game Collection, or: OMGWTFBBQ??!??

I enjoy gaming, always have, and as long as my peepers and hands hold out, always will. I enjoy them on an aesthetic level as much as their being a self-reflexive window into our increasingly post-modern society. If film is a mirror of humanity, then video games are a kind of shiny, reflective, odd smelling silly-putty of humanity.

So, I suppose, it comes as no surprise that people can obsess about video games. If people can be addicted to drugs, chocolate, and smooches, it's not such a stretch to imagine them being addicted to the escapist/voyeuristic aspects of interactive gaming. Faint, blurry lines separate "enthusiast" from "that smelly game-guy in the basement."

To make my point, here is a link I lifted from the exhaustive game blog Bluesnews. Click the link below and take a look at the images. What's your vote: Enthusiasm or Insanity?

Game Collection on Kotaku


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Matt said...

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Chad Kremer said...

LOL, answer man? Thats Roger Ebert's name on his website! He's the answer man! Maybe that was Ebert spreading the word of God!

Anonymous said...

Chad Kremer said...

-nerd alert-

-nerd alert-

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