Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's all gotten clearer.....

As my last post stated, I went in to get LASIK surgery last week Friday. It was a very strange experience, and I was a bit nervous, but the surgery was a success. As I sat in the very comfortable chair waiting for Matt to be brought over, I took a deep breath. I had to keep telling myself to blink because I was keeping my eyes open, trying to take everything in.

The days that have followed, I have found myself blinking more (with hopes of feeling my contacts) and announcing that I am going to take my contacts out (before bed). Matt has looked at me strangely, but has been a support all the while.

Matt had an idea to do a before and after picture of how my vision has changed. It took a little while to blur the before picture, mostly because I was in denial of how bad my sight was before the surgery, but we finally finished. Here is what we came up with:



I am very blessed to have the opportunity to take advantage of this great surgical invention. I would recommend LASIK to anyone!


Matt said...

It's crazy to look at the two different images. My eyesight isn't perfect (I should wear glasses) but it's nothing like this. My heart goes out to people who have severe sight problems. I don't really know what I'd do if I went blind. Pretty much all of my interests revolve around using my sight as the primary sense.

Good post!

Chad Kremer said...

It’s bittersweet that you got that surgery. While your eyesight is now as impeccable as mine, I know I can no longer pretend to be Matthew and steal a smooch when I know you don’t have your contacts in.

Sigh. I will miss those days.


Matt said...

What's this??? Stealing smooches on the side! I feel so betrayed! If I were to get contacts and "accidentally" leave them out, does that mean I could claim those unstolen smooches?

Sigh x 2

Anonymous said...

Ahoy hoy! I have been pondering the idea of lazers sculpting my internal eye ball lenses into something a bit more sexy. My affliction with near sightedness has forced me to apply clear and flexible disks onto the surface of my eyes. Long term use of the disks causes fatigue and leads to irritation resulting in consistantly less frags. I pray for a day when the problem can be LASIKed away.

Congrats on a successful surgery!