Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mac Reflections Pt. 2

My PC started acting up. I had been playing Oblivion: Elder Scrolls, converting some .movs to .wmvs, and burning DVDs (not all at the same time) just fine. Then, a couple days ago, it just seized. The screen went black and the sucker wouldn't shut even if I held the power button in for 5-10 seconds. I had to reach behind it and flip the power supply switch. I tried a couple things. I used an entire can of blow-off to clear out the mountain flotsam and dust bunnies that had collected. I reset the mobo to use the factory configuration of the memory and I'm about to try some different voltage settings and front-side bus configs to see if one of those is wonky. It could be the power supply too. I bought the "Diablo" power supply because it had a cool blue LED in it, not because it came highly recommended to actually, you know, power my computer and everything. I'll play around with it; ask some friends for advice.

I'm writing this to you on my Mac. My trustworthy Mac. It hasn't died. It doesn't need voltage tweaks or memory flash sequences reset. It just works. And works well. So, when I get around to it, I'll figure out the problem with PC. Or, more likely, I'll bribe a friend or friends with cookies and beer to get it working for me. It used to be that I defined my ability to accomplish things on a computer by how well I could troubleshoot the myriad problems I came across trying to run a Windows PC. I think I've come to terms with my consumerist, hair-gel wearing self. It's so much easier to use a computer that just works instead of one that, well, doesn't.

It's also much more productive. The PC died right in the middle of converting the aforementioned files--a task I am doing for my client in Grand Rapids. If that was my editing computer, I would be rushing to fix it because failing to do so might mean missing a deadline and loosing them as a client. I can't afford the vanity or the time spent trolling through forums and message boards trying to isolate the problem and fix it/replace it. I need this project done. Period.

It could be a bad power supply. Might be a motherboard setting. Meh. In the meantime, I'll be getting my work done on my Mac.


Anonymous said...

I have a compatible motherboard and power supply that can be had for a sealed retail copy of Supreme Commander.

Matt said...

If only I knew who you were, Mr. Anonymous. Alas.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me? It's Pete! Pete from accounting. You dropped by in a frizzle frazzle over the loss of your beloved PC. I mentioned that I had a bowl of freshly cut cantaloupe and that we could discuss the problem over a few slices. Remember?

Matt said...

Cantaloupe... hmmm... this conversation is not coming to me. Any other hints?

Anonymous said...

Well, with all the talk about computers our conversation invariably changed to a discussion on the new Transformers movie. During our talk you mentioned just how wonderful Michael Bays directing abilities were. I responded with several examples to the contrary. Your defense of Mr. Bay was so vocal that it caused a scene in the middle of our finance department. I had to relent and agree in the hopes of calming you down. Remember?

Matt said...

Now I do. Who, other than myself, would extol the virtues of Mr. Bay?

Chad Kremer said...

Bay... Gay... Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Good thing macs don't have motherboards or power supplies (more likely problem) to go out.

When will we learn that all computers suck equally within the big picture... and all have benefits as well.

--Long live the Amiga, the ultimate multimedia computer.


p.s. I hate that I love OS X