Saturday, April 07, 2007


We have a number of people write, call, and IM that we haven't been as prolific with updates these past couple weeks. While true, it isn't totally without reason. I have been crazy-busy these past two weeks. A massive computer crash (no, not the Mac), a deadline pushed up two weeks by my client in GR, and fun visit by Chad and Megan last weekend are all reasons why I haven't been posting, not excuses. I should be posting regardless. I'm trying to keep people amused and informed about our going-ons down here in the great sweeping Ohioan expanse, and I can't do that unless I post.

It's strange doing this blogging thing. Both Mandy and I will go through periods of creativity and interest in it, then just as suddenly loose interest. What I need to do is during my next bout of creativity, write a few posts and just keep them in draft, so when I'm not feeling up to writing, I can just post one of those.

To recap, here's few things we've been up to since the last post:
1. Chad and Megan came down to visit last weekend. It was great to hang out with some them.
2. We had a really successful cooking club last weekend. The theme was fondue, and there was much dipping. A special thanks to Chad's parents for the use of their awesome ceramic fondue pot.
3. We saw Grindhouse last night. Words cannot describe the experience. It's so unlike any other movie-going experience I've had, that I'm reluctant to even call it a movie. It's something has to be seen to be believed, both in a good and bad way.
4. Mandy and I have been thinking of adding another member to the family. Keep looking back for more updates on this...

(One of the many amazing scenes from such a wonderful movie. Too bad YouTube resolution is so crappy.)


Chad said...

Just bought this movie a month ago... after years of saying "I need to buy Magnolia." I watched it a few days later and its better than I thought. Amazing how the storylines "crash" together... or something.

Thanks again for your hospitality. It was a fun and interesting experience. Its good to see friends thrive outside the bowels of GR.

"Its not going to stop, until you wise up..."


Casey said...

Post when you can..... love it.
Life gets busy sometimes (mostly always)
When you get your "addition" you won't even have time for your Mac......