Saturday, June 02, 2007

Contract Done - Testing Over

This past Friday I finished out the contract with my client. My hope is that will about wrap it up for me and testing. With our impending move to Denver, I hope the three fates will shine on my job hunt and provide me with a lovely video job. My only concern about leaving the testing profession behind is money, and with Mandy heading back to school full-time, there may be a compelling reason to head back to the dark side. We'll do everything we can to stay away from that, since one of the goals of heading to Denver is for both of us to get into careers we actually enjoy.

Here's me saying goodbye to my work nameplate:

(YouTube added the crazy white wash-out at the beginning. Eh, whatayagonnado?)


Anonymous said...

How did IBS know to contact you two for contract positions in Cincinnati?

Dean said...

Quitter. :-)

Jessica said...

Cool vid Matt.