Monday, June 18, 2007

Trip Update

I was planning to put this post up last night, but Mandy and I got stuck in a Paper Mario marathon that lasted until 1:00AM. You'll all be happy to know that we beat the game this afternoon, and Count Bleck was defeated. Rest assured.

We arrived back in Cinci Friday night about 11:30PM. After collecting our bags, we made it home about 1:30AM. The flight wasn't too bad apart from a death dive that happened about 15 minutes into the flight when the plane hit some turbulence that caused the plane to bank about 45 degrees to starboard. Everyone on the plane gasped, a few screamed, and I sighed. Other than that, the flight was good. We even landed about 10 minutes early.

An apartment has been procured. We signed the lease Friday, and after much wrangling with the certifiably insane landlady, we were handed our keys. Here is a link to the apartment on Google Maps.

The apartment is located south of Denver, in a neighborhood called Platt Park. It's a very eclectic area, complete with books stores, coffee shops, bars, live music venues, and a movie theater about five blocks away. Another very cool aspect of the location is that is near both the bus line and the light-rail transit system. Mandy's school is about 8 miles away, so that's really cool.

The apartment is in a single building. It has two bedrooms, a small kitchen, and lots of windows. The cost is a little shy of $200 less than what we are paying to live in Cinci, so that's good, especially considering neither us have jobs yet. It's also cool because it's a 6-month lease, and when the lease is up, it goes month-to-month with no additional charge. We're kind of looking at it as a place to hold up, get better aquainted with the city, and find our semi-permanent place. If we end up really liking it, we'll probably stay on through Spring. The only major downside is the fact that's ground-level and we can't have a dog, but that's being pretty nit-picky.

Here's a short video I shot of the apartment. Keep in mind it was shot on our little Cannon Powershot, so the quality totally sucks.

(An amazing tour of the new apartment)

Here are a few more pictures from the trip. I'll update the blog with more info on our moving schedule tomorrow. The important part is we're having a company move our stuff to Denver and we'll be back in GR for about two weeks over the 4th of July holiday. Hooray! This will likely be the last time we're in town until Thanksgiving.

(Hard at work looking for apartments)

(King of the mountain)

(A creek running through the Rockies)

(One of many shots of the Rockies driving W I-70)

(A comparison of the SUV we rented and the Canyonaro from The Simpsons)

(Looking on towards a bright and shining future)


Dad said...

Looks nice....and... its on ground level. You'll have to join a gym and use the stair stepper to stay in shape.
Glad to hear that you got things locked in and ready to move on to your next venture in life.
Do you want me to let the cats see the video? Or, do you want it to be a surprise?

Anonymous said...

Wicked Sweet Update.

That car doesnt even look real... its like a cartoon car.

Your apartment looks nice. Much different than all your other places.

Thanks for the update and look forward to your moving schedule. I think its time to invest in a better camera to capture life in denver. Perhaps a DVX100B? Or an HD camera? At least a nice center speaker...


Anonymous said...

ultra impressed with the canyonaro reference...never saw that one coming. my favorite part of the movie is when mandy emerges from the closet. perhaps when the director's cut is released you could have her jump out and yell 'rarrrrrrrrr!!!' now that'd be a collector's edition...