Monday, June 11, 2007

"Well I'm going out west where the wind blow tall..." -Tom Waits

(Denver at Twilight)

Mandy and I are flying out tomorrow morning. We should arrive in Denver around 10:00AM MDT. Our hotel provides an internet connection for $9.99 a day, which totally sucks. I'll try to keep this updated at the various free WiFi spots I can find peppered throughout the city.

I'll post some pics and thoughts as they come about.

On a sad note, our cat Athena has escaped from Mandy's parent's house and is lost somewhere in their neighborhood. The little bugger loves to dart out of open doors, run away, and hide. Our guess is she's hiding somewhere in the neighborhood right now. It's really crappy timing considering how we have to concentrate on our apartment hunting, but now we're totally distracted by the missing cat. Ah life. So full of little twisty turns.

We'll keep everyone updated on both the trip and Athena.

"And I'll be high as a kite by then." -Elton John

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