Friday, June 01, 2007

It's official: Denver, CO for 2+ years

We're moving to Denver, CO. Here's the tentative plan:

  1. Matt finish work 06/01
  2. Mandy finish work 06/08
  3. Fly to Denver 06/18
  4. Explore city, look for place to live, eat food 06/18 – 06/22
  5. Fly back to CinCity 06/22
  6. Pack 06/22 – 06/27
  7. Drive to Denver with all possessions 06/27 – 06/28
  8. Unpack, return trailer, sleep 06/29 – 06/30
  9. Drive to Grand Rapids 07/01 – 07/02
  10. Chill in Grand Rapids 07/02 – 07/12
  11. Drive back to Denver 07/12 – 07/13
  12. Stay in Denver until Thanksgiving while working, entertaining guests, and going to school. Maybe get a dog.

Obviously, these dates are subject to change, but that's our tentative schedule. The big question mark in all of

this is how / if we're going to get back to Grand Rapids for the 4th of July celebrations. We may or may not, it really depends on how burnt out we are from traveling, packing, and driving around with two half-drugged, screaming cats. We're really going to try to make it down around then to see everyone, because it will likely be months before we fly back East.

Next week, I'll write more on the impetus for the move as well as some personal reflections on my time spent in CinCity and what I hope to accomplish over the next couple of years. I'm hoping Mandy will do the same.

For now: Denver dreamin' on such a summer's day…

(Ugh, all these damn formatting issues. This is what happens when you compose posts in Word.)

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sis and He grunge said...

we raise a glass to you & Mandy- make your dreams come true. GR is no place to do the things you want to do.