Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Changes in 2006

Matt and I have just started following the Body for Life (BFL) meal and exercise plans. If you are unaware what that means, let me break it down for you. The meal plan start with a mind change. Getting away from the 3 enormous meals a day and breaking them up into 3 smaller meals with 3 snacks. The key is to put protein and carbs in each meal and snack, along with fruits and vegetables at least 2 times a day. Also, you eat 6 days like this and then the 7th is a FREE day. This means that you can pig out.....if you want to. The exercise plan is to get off your butt and to move...um, your butt. The key here is to exponentially increase the workouts along with utilizing aerobic and weight training. The BFL plan suggests that a person who follows their plan will see a big change physically within 3 months. This is a great thing for us to do together.

Last night Matt brought up that the physical change will almost inevitably bring about a change mentally. With that said, my hope is that the physical and mental changes will bring us closer strengthening our emotional bond. I also think that this will help keep the energy in our marriage - I know we haven't been married a year, but it's good to start early to keep it charged throughout :)

We have a lot of goals planned for this year. The thing that makes me the most excited is that now we have another avenue to work towards our goals together. For example, we both will be running in the River Bank Run in May. I know that this will be an enormous accomplishment for Matt because he is not a "runner" per se, in fact he does not like it very much at all. As Matt works toward his goals, I will be his encouragement as well as his biggest fan - and I know he will be mine.

I know that there will be challenges as we implement these changes, but I look forward to each climb and plateau.


Matt said...

I have a fan, and it's my wife!

I vow to have chiseled abs and tight, proud buttocks come the spring. I shall jaunt like a gazelle through the trash-strewn streets of Wyoming, my golden mane blowing in the breeze!

This is my vow.

Mandy will do excelent in this endavour. She has steadfast determination and a can-do spirit that will help to support me when I want to the thrown in the towel and order a piping-hot pizza from Cottage Inn... baked to crisp, golden-brown, overflowing with cheese and meat.

Chad Kremer said...


I won't be able to destroy both of you and Andy at this years River Bank Run cause I'll be chilling in the wild nation of Holland.

But it's good to see that Matt starting to work out again. I can't wait to see his "proud buttocks!"

So . . . Yea . . . Matt when did you want to see Brokeback Mountain?