Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hello....Calling all you fatties!!!!

In case you haven't found it, here is one of the newest reported headline in MSNBC Health section: You can't be fat - and healthy

What kind of silly person came up with that title?! Of course you can be fat and healthy. Don't you remember all those fat movie stars and stuff?

After reading this article, I came to find out that being fat is actually a bad thing. I know what your are thinking. You think that I am writing this to scam away your Krispy Kreme's. And although that may be true on most days, if what the article says is true, you can keep them!

The article says that they conducted a study and the study helped to prove what "a growing body of science suggesting that excess weight alone is an independent risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and diabetes."

Whoa!!! Slow down. So, this means that if I'm a fattie....and I don't change my lifestyle....then I am at major risk for health problems? Well, in that case, cancel my double order of biscuits and gravy and send me out a cobb salad.

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Matt said...

I especially love the fact that they used the term "growing body of science." Wonderful. Personally, I stand behind the fatties and their quest for enlarging their "enormous" fat bodies.

I also suppose that the use of the word healthy has to do with physical health, because I see happy fat people all the time. These jiggly, jolly sorts laugh and pat their bellies at any opportunity. And fat movie stars? Dom Delouse? John Candy? Fat Albert? Sure, they're all dead or animated, but they seemed happy when they were alive (and fat).