Monday, August 14, 2006

Bikin' In Da Rain

Not much goiong on today. Went off to work. Nothing to report there. Went to an interview after work; that was pretty cool. That whole thing is under wraps for the time being, but I'll post more as it becomes available.

In the meantime, I have been listening to the podcast EscapePod. I would highly recommend it if you're a sci-fi fan. The stories are great (many of them Hugo and Nebula award noms and winners) and it's great fodder for coming up with stories for use in, say, a film, short stories, or your own podcast. The more I listen to the pod-o-sphere, as it's sometimes called, the more I want to get involved. The great thing is, like the better part of the internet, it's free, distributed, and anyone can contribute. I haven't figured out how or when I'd have the time to do anything with it right now, but the idea is definitly there. I like to write, voice-act, and do cool audio thingy-jiggies. I think a serial story would be something more fun than a news update or a "today in sports" deal. It would have a set length and I could make sure to have at least half done before I started to publish any. I dunno. If anyone is interested in doing something along those lines, email or comment here. I think it would be good fun.

In the meantime, here's a picture in a series of posts I like to call, "Funniest Damn Pictures Ever"

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Chad Kremer said...

Hey Buckaroo,

I am interested in doing some audio project with you. We should play audio skit tennis, each adding something new everyday and after a month, we will have an obscenely crazy sci-fi skit. Could be fun and we could get others on it. Plus you can produce it and I, Jon, and whoever can do some voices and send them your way. Its an idea at least.

I am intrigued by the interview you had, post more info.

Things are going well here in G.R. Got the full time promotion gig, starts next week sometime.

Great Pic too. BTW, there is a HB House in Chicago. Crazy eh?