Thursday, August 03, 2006

M&M's Flaming Lips

Tomorrow I head out of town to meet with the droogs in Detroit to watch the Flaming Lips. Though we had a ticket for Mandy, she is unable to attend due to work restrictions. It just happened to work out that I was able to secure a half-day this tomorrow, but that became a moot point when they delayed my start date to next Monday. If this concert is anything like the one Mandy and I saw in Atlanta, it will be a fun time, and I'm looking forward to it. A quick search on Google Maps shows that, essentially, I'll be taking I-75 North the entire way - for 240 miles, which is just about 4 hours. If I leave here around 10:30 - 11:00AM I should get there around 4:00PM. That should give me a few hours to find my mates, some curry, and a beer prior to the Lips showering me in confetti, giant rubber balls, and yellow smoke. I plan to take pictures of the event, if possible. I'll post them when I get back as I should have a blistering-fast internet connection awaiting my return.

In other news, Mandy and I have started our two-week experiment in eating only vegetarian meals. Since most of the meals we normally eat contain minimal portions of meat, It's been fairly painless thus far. I'll have to take Kleiner-One-Niner up on his offer of a lunch/dinner at the Taj Mahal (which Mandy have eaten at and, damn. It's good.)

The only real came last night, in the form of Green Thai Curry. A very simple recipe listed in a book of Thai cuisine led us to Jungle Jims in search of coconut milk, soy-based chicken substitute, and a small, innocent-looking tub of Green Thai Curry Paste. Mandy and I are big curry eaters and preparers, so we were very excited to try a new kind of curry. I began preparing the meal about 5:00, when Mandy returns from work. The recipe, essentially, is GTCP (Green Thai Curry Paste) mixed with coconut milk and shallots (green onions). You simmer the works then serve over rice. Simple enough. Mid-way through cutting the shallots I hear a scream from the bathroom. I stroll in to see what body part Mandy has cut off, still holding my wooden stirring spoon. I found her standing in the bathroom preparing to color her hair: Or rather, waiting for me to color her hair. The scream came as a result of her realization that she had mixed the activating agents too soon, and that I would have to start applying the coloring cream immediately. I made some grunt of approval and returned to the kitchen to stir the curry. Before returning to the bathroom, I licked the stirring spoon to get a taste of the curry. Pain erupted in my mouth like nothing I have ever experienced in my previous adventures in Mt. Currysburg. Apparently, GTCP is flavored with the essence of white-hot burning pain extracted from the Salem Witches as they were burned at the stake. I ran back into the bathroom, put on a pair of rubber gloves and got to work massaging the coloring cream into her hair while screaming over and over, "AHHHHHH!!!! IT BURNS!!!" (insert Flaming Lips joke here)

While the evening did have a slightly unkilter beginning, everything ended up fine. Mandy's hair turned out the fiery color she intended, the curry was almost impossibly hot but palatable, and we tried a couple local microbrews we also picked up Jungle Jims. Thankfully beer, popcorn, and most other things that are bad for you, are not made out of meat so I can still indulge when able.
That's it from here. I don't know if I'll get a chance to post tomorrow due to the whole traveling thing, but Mandy probably will. Saturday or Sunday, since the internet connection should be up and running, I'll post some pictures of the apartment.

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Sounds like a tv sitcom. Holy smokes, I don't check dropmystraw for two days and boom, a plethora of new information. Good work yo, very entertaining.

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