Sunday, August 06, 2006


Online! Woot! I'll post something with more substance tonight, but for now: Here's what happens when you're offline for a week and you normally live your life on the web (blue indicates new messages).

(Addendum Added 21:39 - There will not be a more substantial post tonight. Been busy. The above promise of a post... is a lie. A terrible, terrible lie. Do not be fooled.)


AdamK said...

I think we all learn at one point in our lifetime that using a real email address when subscribing to "free" pr0n sites results in a cascading spamathon effect (real technical term).

Matt said...

I wasn't complaining. I was bragging. The spamathon is the result of a painstakingly executive subscription process that has taken over 39 years to complete. I'm glad you saw the beauty in the p0rnProject of '99.