Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up

Been a fun, fast weekend. I think we're starting to get settled. Two weekends in a row we've been here, working, shopping, meeting people, hanging out. It's been fun and very educational. It's very neat to see how the vibe and flow of an area is similar, yet different from the area I grew up in. Now that I've been working for a little while, I've again come to love the upcoming weekend and dread its passage. I honestly can't believe that most American companies only allow their workers two weeks of vacation a year. Somehow people have come to accept this insanity and work, literally for years, with 14 days of 354 that they can take off of work. That's craziness! If everyone woke up and realized that this is all you get and banded together and demand large corporations give them more than two weeks vacation well, then... the company would fire them and outsource the jobs.

So maybe that's not the best idea, but I'm standing for this two weeks a year crap. There are other ways to make money and live a life that don't involve actually living on the weekends and working for five days for 30+ years.

Friday: We hung out at home then went out for dinner at a local place PF Chang's. It was a kind of upscale Chinese restaurant that carried more than the usual take-out fare. Mandy and I were talking about how it's difficult to find a Chinese restaurant that isn't a simple take-out place. This was really good. The prices were reasonable (only $8.99 for a pan friend noodle). The tea was incredible. It had a smoky, black tea flavor to it.

Saturday: We slept in, went out to breakfast at a Red Squirrel (a local chain sort of like a Big Boy) and went to Old Navy. I needed to get a couple pairs of hole-free pants for my job. That night, we met up with a couple people and headed down to Newport on the Levy. Newport is a lot like Navy Pier in Chicago. It has some cool attractions, but it's mostly a large attraction for white people who are too leery to wander around the more seady parts of the big city. We went there because they were showing "Snakes on a Plane" and had a highly recommended pizza place.

The couple we hung out with were really interesting. For the purposes of this post, it's only important to mention that the woman is an Art Director for a large ad agency here in town. Her job consists of drawing, working with creative teams, outlining videos, and enjoying the weekly martini Friday afternoon. Like other graphic designers I know, she had access to various foosball tables, free lunches, and incredibly flexible working hours. This instantly made me angry. Again, I was reminded of far, far away I am from doing something I remotely enjoy. I have the degree and the talent, I have only to keep applying to jobs and building more portfolio until I hopefully land a job where I too can enjoy a martini while editing the next Death Cab For Cutie music video.

Snakes on a Plane was... about snakes on a plane. It was great to see its second open night because the crowd was totally in on the joke. There were lots of hoots and hollers and uproarious cheers when Samuel L. Jackson delivered the hallowed line, "I have had enough of these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane!" Good stuff.

Sunday: We hung out at home. Mandy some delicious breakfast thing consisting of eggs, cilantro, chili oil, and other herbs and spices. 'Twas delicious. We met up with a friend and had a three hour conversation about health care, marriage, and bad Ohio drivers over a cups of fantastic chilled coffee. It was miserably hot and humid Saturday, but today it was perfect. Sunny, around 80 degrees, and a light but constant breeze. The perfect day to rest. We went shopping at Jungle Jim's, stocking up on our weekly supply of vegetarian thingies. We're heading into our fifth week of no meat (apart from occasional fish and shellfish). It's been fun, but I haven't really noticed any particular health benefits other than my left arm growing back after losing it in that terrible, terrible plane wreck. So, there's at least that. I think I'll continue on with it until I come across a really good opportunity to eat a steak or some sweet, sweet bacon.

Life is good, but we miss everyone back in GR. Friend and family are really important to us and the separation is taking some getting used to. We have to miss things like birthdays, movie premiers, and the occasional Founders brew, but it's a price we have to pay for a new adventure. It's very fulfilling and hard - it's strange how often those two aspects come packaged together.


dolemite said...

pf chang's ( is pretty awesome. i think there is one in lansing but i've never been to that one. i've eaten at both of the ones in indy, and one in burbank ca. anyone interested in starting a franchise in gr?


Jon V. Den Houter said...

It's been fun for me to keep up on your new lives in Cinci via your blog. Thanks for doing such a great job with updates.

When you have some down time at work, check out I put in the word "slippery" and was assigned the dubious band name "Slippery Priest." Yeah!

dolemite said...

fun site jon. i have a tough decision to make; whether to go with 'dolemite shift,' 'double dolemite' or 'dolemite hank' as a band name. now, how to start a band...

sis said...

we m

sis said...

uh, take two?

we miss yous too. Hard to believe W ghost will be 6 on Saturday. that puts Z at 4.5.

snakes on a plane. that little phrase happens to be both boyz fav saying right now. No joke. AND there are two Lips songs they request daily (again, I kid you not) MAF even put the two song on the Ipod kid mix. They know them as the bunny song and the teeth song. Teeth in a Lips vid? never!

Keep up the great blogging...we read daily, seriously.


Chad Kremer said...

What the shizzle my nizzles. Thats some snoop dogg talk for chas. since you left I joined the local Scnoop dogg fan club and have become a well known gang banger in the area with the name slippery ck. I too have been reading frequently and miss you guys fo shizzle. I called today, but you didnt answer. I guess you are getting your groove on at the local HB. Keep up the bloggin and keep the fudgeing snakings off the mother fudgeing plane. (I refrained from swearing in case your filter denied to read this comment)

werd to yo motha negros


Matt said...

Thanks all for the supportive comments. It keeps us posting and makes the distance a little feel a little less.

Ang: We sent a card that you and Will should appreciate. We'll have to do something when we get back in town. Party Big Willie Style

Slippery CK: Fo shizzle yo bizzle to drizzle nizzle! SHATZ!!! Or, in the words of that great special effects CD Mr. G had, "HE-sa! HIP! HE-ah-SAAAAAHHH!!!"