Saturday, August 05, 2006

Weekly wrap-up

Well, I made it through a full week at the old j-o-b. I am glad that it is the weekend, as my head was too full for me to have worked another day. And for all of you that want to run out to the nearest insurance company and get a job....don't. Unless you want to be bored to tears everyday, or just a masochistic person at heart.

Anyways, as typical with many of my previous jobs I had about 2 days of training and then thrown right into the fire. I kind of like it better that way, cause then I get to work things out in my head real-time as opposed to a trainer repeating things over and over again.

I think I met like 50 people this week. Good luck if I remember half of their names. Everyone working there, that I've met, seem really nice and friendly. Be it directions to the local restaurants or advice to not eat the chili or taco salad, the people that I talk to seem helpful.

I was invited to go to lunch yesterday with a big group. We went to a place called Udipi, which serves Vegetarian South Indian cuisine. They had a big buffet, mostly with items that I have never seen before. The only thing that I recognized as eating before was the raita. I also saw what looked like mint chutney. After getting some food, I dug into the chutney only to discover that it did not taste like mint at all. It was good, but I couldn't recognize the flavor at all. Later on I discovered it was coconut. I was really shocked because I do not like coconut at all. There were a plethora of lentil options from lentils and potatoes, to lentil donuts. All of it was very good. I had a good time, especially since all of my Indian co-workers watched me as I ate things that they had specified as 'very spicey'. Many of those dishes were not in fact spicey to me, and they were very amazed.

One of my cube-mates name is Teja (short for a very long Indian name). She asked if I like the food, as she was unable to go. After I told her that I enjoyed it very much, she said that she would bring in some curry for me to eat next week. WOOT!!! Real curry from a real Indian lady!! I am really excited. I think I will make some food next week too to bring in and share.

I ended the week with a glass of wine and listening to Delilah on the radio while petting Athena and Ocyrus.

Before I end the post I want to make a shout out to my Harley parents who are traveling through Wyoming state right now!! Love you Mom and Dad!!


Angie said...

Hey there!
Glad to hear you first week went well. You will have to tell us how the real Indian food is. I think we all had a lot of fun on Friday night (minus the road construction and other various crazy events) I did miss you though. The place was packed and HOT!
I also wanted to say thanks for the blue outfit. It is wonderful in very hot weather. It fits good too. Mark and I had a good laugh trying to figurer out it went. I kept thinking it was a skirt!
We want to come visit soon but probably not for a couple months.
take care...hugs
~mom of two boyz~

Matt said...

Can't wait to get my hands on some of that sweet, sweet (burning hot) curry! Ask he to make you a car made out of solid gold. Maybe she'll come through.