Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blasphemous Balls

According to a BBC article, US forces have dropped soccer balls from helicopters in south-east Afghanistan for children to play with. These are World Cup league soccer balls, used around the world. This, of course, sparked riots. Why? Because everything we do sparks riots, that's why! Everything! We should stop doing things, damn it. My hatred for the war is well documented, but come on. After reading this article, is there any conclusion to reach other than our cultures do not understand each other?

(Balls of Blasphemy)

The BBC cites the reason people are rioting is because the Saudia Arabian flag, along with the flags of many other members of the World Cup, is depicted on the soccer ball and the Saudi Arabian flag contains the Islamic symbol of Allah. This is bad, according to rioters.

Does anyone think we can do any good over there when we so fundamentally misunderstand each other as cultures? When dropping toys, in an effort to build good will, sparks riots, I think even the most die-hard Blind Bush Follower has to give some credence to the fact that we shouldn't be there. I think it's time we wrap up what we're doing (what we're doing, I have no idea, and never did) and take our blasphemous balls back with us.

I also really like the headline, "Blasphemous balls anger Afghans."

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