Monday, August 13, 2007

Hiking Flickr Stream

As promised in a previous post, I am providing the link to a slide show of pictures taken while hiking in Rockie Mountain Nation Park as well as a brief synopsis of the trip. The trail we hiked is called the Granite Falls Trail. It's considered an easy climb. I'm guessing that it is easy compared to climbing Mt. Everest, or something. Honestly, it wasn't that bad. The first mile and a half is tough because it's pretty much a straight climb up at about a 45-degree angle. After that, it leveled out more or less, with occasional tough patches of steep climbing.

Here's a link to the Flickr Stream of the hike. Go there to see pictures of the hike.

After a couple of miles, we hit an enormous meadow, settled in a valley between several large mountain peaks. It was at this point the gravity of where we were actually hit me. Even in area of relative quiet, if I listen very carefully I can hear a train whistle or a truck engine breaking, something that gives away the fact that people are nearby. Not here. It was silent except for the wind blowing through the pines and water running through a small creak. It was really surreal.

We continued on down the path, eventually stopping to eat some high-carb food and rest a bit. Clouds had begun to swell, and we were feeling some rain spitting, so we decided to turn around and head back.

All in all the trip took about 8 hours. Our friend German and his girlfriend Erin took care of us and made sure we made it back safe and sound. We may head back up to the mountains this week for another hike, especially if the weather stays up in the 100s as it has been.

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