Sunday, August 19, 2007

Electronic Vibes Mussin' With Our Gear!

To follow up on the last post about the poor iPod, it turns out our laptop has suffered a death of sorts. We bought this Compaq as part of a summer assignment when Mandy and I worked for Hewlitt Packard out of a hotel conference room. They required we have our own computers since we would be working on folding tables and from our homes, they wouldn't be providing computers. We only had one laptop at the time and we didn't think it was up to the task, so we bought a new Compaq Presario from Circuit City for around $1,500. Since purchasing it in April '05 we've had to return it 4 times. The first two were within a week of purchasing it, and those were due to pixel burnouts, which really isn't that uncommon for laptops and they were very accommodating. Incidentally, Circuit City has a great return policy when it comes to laptops--which is why we bought it from them. We returned last winter because it kept randomly rebooting and eventually stopped booting altogether.

When it was returned the work ticket read, "Reinstalled Operating System." We had done that, of course, and it didn't help. Yet, the laptop booted up just fine and worked great until early last week when it completely died again. It showed no symptoms... It had been in perfect working condition three hours before when Mandy was using it. The cause for the death: A dead hard drive. We have a pretty robust back-up policy, so nothing too serious was lost in the crash, but now we have to pack it up again and get, now, our fifth laptop back from the repair shop.

Adding on top of that nonsense, the replaced iPod (twice replaced) from the last post randomly reboots while playing music, so it's back to the shop with that fucker too. Man. I think being at such a high elevation has something to do with our devices dying. It's our closeness to the ionosphere, or something.

PS This is post was written on a our old laptop: Another used Compaq Presario Mandy and I bought from a coworker's friend about four years ago, running Ubuntu Linux, and it works great. Just goes to show... something.


Crash said...

It probably just died of it's own
volition. Seeing it couldn't compete with a MAC.

Matt said...

That is a good point.