Thursday, August 09, 2007

An update for updates

We've been very busy recently, so the posting has dropped off a bit. I'm still working on Part II of the faux travelogue detailing our adventure out here. I know some of you have written asking where it is. It's on its way.

Mandy and I have been going to a few interviews here and there. Some are promising, but most are looking to just be filler jobs. There is an abundance of work we no longer want to do, but not a lot of what we do.

Mandy has started her 25 hours of observation at a gym about 3/4ths of a mile from out place. That seems to be going well, and by the end of the week, she'll be close to half done. She's still working on getting classes setup, transcripts transfered, and getting in touch with her profs. For the most part, her schooling is shaping up nicely.

This past weekend Mandy and I worked on a 48-Hour Film Project. Our video hasn't been uploaded yet, but when it does you should be able to find it under "Spoken For." I'll post a link when I know it's up.

The 48-Hour Film Project is an international competition similar to the 24-hour festivals we've worked on in the past, except that each city competes against each other and within a city there are no first, second, or third place positions.. This was done partially for the fun of competition, but also to do some networking with the film crowd in Denver. The group we worked with was backed by Uptown 6, a production company here in town. As a result of meeting the owners and getting to know some of the film people, I have gotten some freelance work and may be traveling for three weeks in October to work on an unnamed pilot for PBS. That would rock.

The screening of the films was last night and I have to admit, I've never been more proud of Grand Rapidian filmmakers. The vast majority of the films were lame compared to the work I saw at the 24-hour festivals in GR. I mean, these people had twice the time we did to create their pieces and the majority were incorrectly exposed, not white-balanced, and had terrible audio. And they had 48 hours! All in all it was a fun experience and accomplished the two main goals I had going into it.

On other fronts, we've met some cool people we've gone hiking with. We're trying to start up another chapter of the Cincinnati Cooking Club, and are meeting with a couple people we met at an art gallery opening to cook this Saturday and see if they're into the idea of doing it monthly. I'll post a link to a Flickr stream of some of the pictures we took while hiking in the next post.

We also just received our 10 mega pixel Canon XTi and two lenses. I will post some of the pictures to our Flickr stream and give write a quick review of the lenses and camera when I've had more time to play around with it. In the 24 hours we've had to play with it, I've been amazed. Simply amazed.

I will elaborate more on what I wrote here in the next few posts, I just thought I'd put up a quick update to let everyone know we're still alive and kickin' it in the West.

To come:
1. Pictures from our hike in Rockie Mountain National Park
2. Review of the Canon XTi, Tameron 70-300mm, and the Canon 50mm
3. A video post of a guy having a grand mal seizure right outside our window
4. A video post of us showing you all the apartment, similar to the one we posted back in July.

I'm also posting the following blip on behalf of Chad, who just had his film 'Little Thumb' get accepted in the Battle Creek Film Festival.

"Greetings friends and family,
My film just got accepted to the Battle Creek Film Festival and there is a vote going on to determine the People's Choice Award based on the trailers. I agree, pretty stupid. But anyway, I thought I would put a call out to you all to at least vote for my trailer. Here is the link below. Its on the bottom on the left hand side.

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